'I believe in Sunday mornings facing out against the sea'

Graham Jones: New artwork concept ideas, web design and layout.

Nick Heyward: Original 'Terry' artwork, Haircut One Hundred logo and record sleeve designs. Haircut One Hundred lyrics on this website.

Les Nemes: Technical artwork updates, candy stripes and 'new look' Terry.

Marlon Mansell-Jones: Additional 'Gold' artwork.

'Lyrics' reproduced by kind permission of Bryan Morrison Music Ltd.


The Team

We thank those below for helping to make things happen for the Haircuts.


Jacquie Quaife

Sound and vision.

TV PR Consultant

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stefan Duerr

Excellent home page slideshow images.

Stefan Duerr Photography


David Curran

Website technical assistant. dccdesign.co.uk


Paul Ashby

Sound enthusiasm. Photos.



Modern Music

Andy Pascoe at Modern Music. Spares, repairs and sound advice.



Russ Fletcher

Electrical genius at RussAudio in Cornwall. For musical gear repairs. Valve amp specialist. Fast and efficient.

Russ on Facebook


Private Jet (formerly The Quotes)

Sound backline, ace support band.

Private Jet


Oliver Heyward

Sound organisation. Sound Technician.



Pete Heyward

Sound Geezer. Stage management. Percussion.


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