Graham Jones (Guitars)

'happy I think so I think I like the colour'      

Graham is a South Londoner and also a founding member and guitarist of the band Haircut One Hundred. He spent a lot of time hanging around London with Nick and Les trying to get the band noticed or just hanging out at Denmark St at the guitar shops. After the Haircuts he went on to join Boys Wonder in the mid 80's going back to his musical roots of The Tornados, Clash, Generation X, Sex Pistols, Jamaican Dub and Rocksteady. Enter The Dragon soundtrack also featured in his collection, much to the amusement of the others in Haircut 100. Until they realised it was composed by Lalo Schiffrin of Bullitt and Dirty Harry fame.

See what he has been up to and doing now:

Boys Wonder

 The Hillhead Project

The Hillhead Project was ten years in the making. This was due to the health matters of Ellen the songwriter. She would go to record whenever she was able whilst suffering bouts of Crohn's disease. She kept this under control with positive thoughts and controlled diet. These songs are a collection of her methods of dealing with her own problems. She would have hoped they may help you in some way.

The long awaited album written by Ellen van der Meij, Sjoerd W. Bijleveld and arranged and produced by Graham Jones.
Vocals by Ellen
Keyboards and album artwork by Sjoerd
Guitars, bass, drums by Graham(Haircut 100)
Saxophone by Phil Smith(Haircut 100)
Quiet and loving support by Ed Greenaway

The album has been lovingly finished and released after the untimely passing of Ellen. The spirit of her own being is reflected in all the lyrics and feeling of the songs within this collection. She would have hoped there was something here to inspire you.…/album/welcome-to-ou…/id1099807781

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