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Paint and Paint Deluxe Edition 2017

paint and paint album cover


A Deluxe Edition release and the first ever reissue of Haircut 100’s 1984 album ‘Paint And Paint’. This compilation includes all the original album tracks, related bonus tracks, nine development mixes from the band’s own archives and four BBC session tracks dating from May 1984.

All the tracks are appearing on CD for the first time.

Originally released in 1984 this album was the band’s follow up to the hugely popular debut “Pelican West”. Nick Heyward had left the band to pursue a solo career and the band had moved record label signing to Polydor Records amid court cases with their old label to retain the band name.

CD 1 features the 11 original album tracks plus four related bonus tracks – the 7″ Remix of ‘Too Up Two Down’, the 12″ mix of ‘Prime Time’ Late Night Shopping Version and two b/sides ‘Evil Smokestacking Baby’ and ‘After It’s All Been Said And Done’.

CD 2 opens with two tracks taken from the 12″ version of ‘So Tired’ Long Slumber Mix and its b/side ‘Fish In A Bowl’ Deeper Version. The next nine tracks were supplied by the band from their own archives. They feature working mixes taken straight from the mixing desk during the recording sessions for the band to listen to at home and work on additional arrangements and brass parts. They offer a unique insight as to how the tracks took shape. Six of the tracks made the final album and the other three are heard for the first time on this release. Lastly we’ve included four tracks recorded at the BBC for a session on the David Jensen show. They were aired on his show on 13th May 1984.

Three singles were taken from the original Paint And Paint album;

‘Prime Time’ this collection includes the album and 12″ versions plus
the development mix of the track.

‘So Tired’ is included with the album and original 12″ versions.

‘Too Up Two Down’ is featured with the album, 7″ and development
mix versions.

All the tracks have been sourced from the original production master tapes except for the development mixes that were supplied from the band’s own archives.

The 20 page full colour CD booklet features an expanded design of the original artwork. It incorporates memorabilia supplied by the band plus extensive sleeve notes written by band members Les Nemes, Graham Jones, Marc Fox and Phil Smith reflecting on their memories and reflections of the album.





March 18th 2016 Pelican West Deluxe Edition.

You can see the track listing and links to buy here:



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