Cadogan Hall. Chelsea. December 2009

'what is it now hoffman style, what a great film, what a great weather of style'

cadogan crowd

all photos: Stefan Duerr

As the snow fell outside on the Chelsea streets, inside the Cadogan Hall something warm and special was happening.

Hundreds of friends and fans gathered for a long awaited show performed by four original members of the 'Haircuts'.
Radio London's Gary Crowley introduced Nick, Blair, Les and Graham onstage and they ripped into a blistering extended version of Favourite Shirts(Boy Meets Girl). The band settled into versions of King Size, Snow Girl and Love's Got Me in Triangles. Rarely heard Brookfield Girl was also featured as well as Love Plus One and Fantastic Day, the eagerly awaited hits. The night ended with the band meeting friends and family in the bar.

It was all over far too soon!

haircuts on stagenick starlight

Sunday Express(pre gig)

Cookham. Rock the Moor. May 2010

'you suddenly smiled, you took me by surprise'

May 22nd 2010. It's a hot spring Saturday and the weather has changed from a cold north wind to a warm and balmy southerly. Willow seeds and mayflies fill the skies but there is an expectation in the air too. Haircut One Hundred are due onstage at the Cookham Let's Rock the Moor open air charity concert in aid of the Wooden Spoon(physically disadvantaged children). After excellent sets from local bands, especially The Quotes(now called Private Jet), the Haircuts swanned onto the stage and opened with an energetic Coming Home. The happiness was evident and the communication between singer Nick Heyward and the audience was infectious. Heyward's Love All Day was featured along side classic album tracks like Kingsize, Milk Film and Calling Captain Autumn. All the Haircut One Hundred hits were played including a final Fantastic Day with choruses uplifted with backing vocals from The Quotes and the crowd. Howard Jones added his support to the day and finished the evenings entertainment with his hits.

In their usual style, the Haircuts came and met the fans after the show to say hello and sign programmes and t shirts.


photos: paul ashby


Indig02. Greenwich. January 2011

'you're my painting, meant for filming'

photos: stefan duerr                                                                           

Haircut One Hundred Play Pelican West. January 28th 2011. Indig02.

The show gets under way with a wonderful underground 80's soundscape provided by Back to the Phuture's DJ Mark Jones.

The Quotes then swagger onto the stage, beers clutched like pistols, rock legs and wild hair,  plug in the Fenders and Rickenbackers and let rip.

Rock ballad 'Innocent flow' showed the bands maturity and songwriting ability and with singer Ben Smith unusually sipping red wine between songs.

After an amazing set they leave the stage with feedback wailing in true rock Who/Hendrix/Zeppelin style. Watch out world.


Haircut One Hundred showed their passion for music, life and laughter at the Indig02.

A strong sense of family, friendship and happiness was clear for all to see and hear as they played Pelican West for the first time for 30 years.

Beautiful colours, golden light showered Nick, Graham, Les and Blair as they showed the crowd they had certainly not lost their ability to play and have fun, clearly playing together truly makes them happy, and it showed!

A close bond was evident between all the band members as they relaxed and showed the crowd that all though time has gone by they still certainly have what it takes to play funky, up beat, lyrically original songs. With guests Marlon on guitar (Surprise Me Again) and Ambrei (Marine Boy rap) brought the generations together.

The crowd was fantastic, the atmosphere terrific, and the music although, 30 years old, sounded timeless.

Music is about memories, the Indig02 certainly recreated times gone by and time in the present.

Abbey Rd Studios recorded the gig live so people were able to purchase a copy after the gig, Pelican West 2011

was born.

by Bertha Morris

photo: stefan duerr

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Rewind Festival. Henley. August 2011

'Grab some snow and build yourself a mountain'.


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